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MITV Features:

1. MITV is an online TV program whose server is stable and has been running steadily for more than 6 years.

We have won praise from customers all over the world.

2. MITV has more than 500 live channels, including channels for Over 8 Countries and locals Live TV Channels Covering:

Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, International. MITV offers various live channels,

variety shows, as well as the popular sport channels which will make your life wonderful.

3. MITV can work with Android devicelike TV Box (E.g. X96, T95N, M*QPRO, M96X,A95X).

4. For Apk & Mag device, it will shows you 500+ Live Channels forHK/CN/KR/JP/MY etc.

series and films. You can enjoy it whenever you like and you can watch the programs in VOD from starts to the end.

5. This is subscription only, not include any box or device.

6. MITV Validity: Code will be calculated from the first time you log in for enjoying our MiTV channels.

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